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Plexi dual mount



Plexi Dual Mount is what we call the process used by artists, collectors, museums and galleries for premium presentations of photographs under Plexiglas. Other names for this or similar processes are Diasec, Gallery Mount or Plexi Print.


A Plexi Dual Mount is a print that mounted on both sides. The face mounted to a Plexiglas or acrylic and the back mounted to another substrate or board. The process encapsulates the print.  We offer mounting on acrylics as thick as 1″ or as thin as 1/8″ or even 1/16″. On the backside, we often add an aluminum hanging frame. When hung the frame is not visible. While protected from fading or warping over time the prints appear to be floating on the wall.   A variety of other hanging mechanisms such as studs or other hardware are available to chose from.  Ask about the styles and colors to chose from.  Additionally we are equipped with the largest professional mounting presses available for this sort of piece.  Therefore, we offer the ability to produce oversize plexi dual mounts.

Plexi Dual Mount

Artist Max Stevens Grossman’s booth showcasing Plexi Dual Mounts with Metallic Lambda C-prints

Plexi dual mounted Lambda Metallic photographic prints



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