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Light Boxes


Vibrant indoor or outdoor Light Boxes create a dramatic focal point in any environment.


We’ve built custom units for restaurants, shopping malls, stadiums, airports and other high traffic venues and know this to be true.


Customers can speak to on comers from every angle using double sided self standing Light boxes. Due to the variety of print media available for our presses, we can achieve the most suitable print option for you. We offer Lambda/Light-jet continuous tone true photographic Duratrans. Most luxury brands and those looking for high quality details request this option. In addition, we offer CMYK back lit film and easily interchangeable SEG – silicone edge back lit fabrics to meet your specific needs. For instance, easily interchangeable graphics are required in retail environments. Meanwhile, hotels lobbies or projects for art in public places may prefer a more secure mechanism under lock and key.

Light Boxes

Light Boxes with True RGB Duratrans mounted to plexi

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